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Our technical approach to projects

Our tried-and-true approach will ensure your project has the best possible outcome.  First we conduct initial site investigations, then we research and review any existing drawings, plans or records of the land. We’ll meet with the owners and occupants to determine their needs and, after further site analysis, develop alternative design solutions by evaluating them for aesthetics, construction costs, maintenance, schedules, environmental impacts and energy conservation. We’ll make sure the needed materials and equipment are ready before we make a recommendation to the client and prepare construction documents to implement.

Clear communication

The goal of lmata & Associates, Inc. is to provide you with quality service. To achieve this, we’ll maintain close working relationships and communication with you and other members of the design team, from the start through to successful completion of the project. One of our most important priorities is identifying your specific requirements for the project and addressing each within the given economic framework. Our experience with local requirements is key to facilitating approvals and keeping projects on schedule, assuring a timely completion.

Comprehensive expertise and solutions

Imata & Associates Inc. has a commitment to providing quality design by addressing everything form function and aesthetics, to environmental and energy conservation, from hiring experienced and competent project managers and sub-consultants, to conducting extensive site investigations and research regarding the property. We’ll ensure you have all the information you need to move forward with your development. Our professional team of consultants will communicate with you every step of the way and find solutions to any challenge. When you need comprehensive expertise in land surveying, construction planning and land development, contact Imata & Associates Inc.

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